The Merchant of Venice

The Merchant of Venice is one of Shakespeare s most popular comedies but it remains deeply controversial The text may seem anti Semitic yet repeatedly in performance it has revealed a contrasting nature Shylock though vanquished in the law court often triumphs in the theatre In his intensity he can dominate the play challenging abrasively its romantic and lyrical affirmations What results is a bitter sweet drama br br Though The Merchant of Venice offers some of the traditional pleasures of romantic comedy it also exposes the operations of prejudice Thus Shakespeare remains our contemporary

Richard II

Richard II is one of Shakespeare s finest works lucid eloquent and boldly structured It can be seen as a tragedy or a historical play or a political drama or as one part of a vast dramatic cycle which helped to generate England s national identity Today to some of us Richard II may appear conservative but in Shakespeare s day it could appear subversive I am Richard II declared an indignant Queen Elizabeth Numerous recent revivals in the theatre and on screen have demonstrated the enduring power and poignancy of this drama of the downfall of an egoistic but pitiable monarch

Richard III

Richard III is one of Shakespeare s most popular plays on the stage and has been adapted successfully for film This new and innovative edition recognizes the play s pre eminence as a performance work a perspective that informs every aspect of the editing Challenging traditional practice the text is based on the Quarto which brings us closest to the play as it would have been staged in Shakespeare s theater The introduction which is illustrated explores the long performance history from Shakespeare s time to the present The commentary gives detailed explanation of matters of language staging text and historical and cultural contexts providing coverage that is both carefully balanced and alert to nuance of meaning br Documentation of the extensive textual variants is organized for maximum clarity the readings of the Folio and the Quarto are presented in separate sections and more specific information is given at the back of the book Appendices also include selected passages from the main source and a special index of actors and other theatrical personnel

King John: Easiest-to-Read Edition annotated

Shakespeare s King John complete annotated and interpreted

Lucy's Sunday

The result of over three years work at the University of Warwick this series teaches primary school pupils about the major religions through a study of the families and religious traditions of specific children in Britain Each of the books focuses on real children from the Christian Muslim Jewish or Buddhist community and shows aspects of each child s daily life including customs and traditions and explores the way they feel about their religion This book focuses on Anglicanism

Much Ado About Nothing

The action is set in Sicily where Don Pedro Prince of Aragon has recently defeated his half brother the bastard Don John in a military engagement Apparently reconciled they return to the capital Messina as guests of the Governor Leonato There Count Claudio a young nobleman serving in Don Pedro s army falls in love with Hero Leonato s daughter whom Don Pedro woos on his behalf The play s central plot shows how Don John maliciously deceives Claudio into believing that Hero has taken a lover on the eve of her marriage causing Claudio to repudiate her publicly at the altar