Fiber-Optic Communications Technology

A useful source of information to anyone who works with fiber optics this state of the art guide covers the newest technological innovations in fibers systems and networks and provides a solid foundation in the basics with lots of examples practical applications graphical presentations and solutions to problems that simulate those found in the workplace Devotes complete chapters to optical fibers singlemode fibers light sources and transmitters photodetectors and receivers and more Provides real data and specification sheets to help users hone their ability to read data sheets and integrate concepts a critical skill for practicing engineers Offers a two level discussion in each chapter a Basics section introduces the main ideas and principles involved in the devices covered and A Deeper Look section offers a more theoretical and detailed discussion of the same material Describes the test measurement and troubleshooting of fiber optics communications systems based on existing standards and commercially available equipment Integrates many pictures of commercially available devices and equipment throughout For professionals in the electronic technology industry

Fibre - Optics Communications Technology

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