Ivy and Bean (Ivy and Bean, #1)

The moment they saw each other Bean and Ivy knew they wouldn t be friends But when Bean plays a joke on her sister Nancy and has to hide quickly Ivy comes to the rescue proving that sometimes the best of friends are people never meant to like each other Vibrant characters and lots of humor make this a charming and addictive introduction to Ivy and Bean

The Truth According to Us

In the summer of Layla Beck s father a United States senator cuts off her allowance and demands that she find employment on the Federal Writers Project a New Deal jobs program Within days Layla finds herself far from her accustomed social whirl assigned to cover the history of the remote mill town of Macedonia West Virginia and destined in her opinion to go completely mad with boredom But once she secures a room in the home of the unconventional Romeyn family she is drawn into their complex world and soon discovers that the truth of the town is entangled in the thorny past of the Romeyn dynasty br br At the Romeyn house twelve year old Willa is desperate to learn everything in her quest to acquire her favorite virtues of ferocity and devotion a search that leads her into a thicket of mysteries including the questionable business that occupies her charismatic father and the reason her adored aunt Jottie remains unmarried Layla s arrival strikes a match to the family veneer bringing to light buried secrets that will tell a new tale about the Romeyns As Willa peels back the layers of her family s past and Layla delves deeper into town legend everyone involved is transformed and their personal histories completely rewritten

Ivy and Bean Break the Fossil Record (Ivy and Bean, #3)

World record fever grips the second grade and soon Ivy and Bean are trying to set their own record by becoming the youngest people to have ever discovered a dinosaur But how hard is it to find one

Ivy and Bean Take Care of the Babysitter (Ivy and Bean, #4)

The adventures of Ivy and Bean continue in the latest installment from series creators Annie Barrows and Sophie Blackall In em Ivy and Bean Take Care of the Babysitter em the two girls hatch a plan to prove that Bean s big sister is the world s worst babysitter Of course plans go awry but fun ensues

Ivy and Bean and the Ghost That Had to Go (Ivy and Bean, #2)

Best friends Ivy and Bean are back and looking for adventure in the second installment of this engaging new series This time they ve made an amazing discoverya ghost in the school bathroom Ivy and Bean can see its cloudy form and its glowing eyes They can hear its moaning voice This is the best thing that ever happened at schooluntil the teachers find out Now Ivy and Bean have to figure out how to get the ghost out of the bathroom Will they succeed Maybe Will they have fun Of course

The Magic Half

Miri is the only single child in the middle of a family with two sets of twins older brothers and younger sisters When the family moves to an old farmhouse Miri accidentally travels back in time to only to discover Molly a girl in need of a real family to call her own A very satisfying classic in the making with spine tingling moments this is a delightful family friendly middle grade time slip novel

Ivy and Bean: Doomed to Dance (Ivy and Bean, #6)

No description available

Ivy and Bean: Bound to be Bad (Ivy and Bean, #5)

The adventures of Ivy and Bean continue in the latest installment from series creators Annie Barrows and Sophie Blackall In Ivy and Bean Bound to Be Bad the two girls decide to be so good and kind and pure of thought that wild animals will befriend them When this doesn t work they decide that perhaps a little badness can be good

Ivy and Bean: What's the Big Idea? (Ivy and Bean, #7)

It s the Science Fair and the second grade is all over it Some kids are making man eating robots Some kids are holding their breath for a very very long time Some kids are doing interesting things with vacuum cleaners The theme obviously is global warming But what should Ivy and Bean do Something involving explosions Or ropes Somethingwith ice cubes Or maybe maybe something em different em

Ivy and Bean Make the Rules (Ivy and Bean, #9)

Bean s older sister Nancy is going to Girl Power Ever Camp where she will do Crafts and Music and First Aid and other secret things that Bean will never know about because girls have to be eleven to go to Girl Power Ever Camp Bean doesn t care She doesn t want to go to camp She wouldn t go even if they begged her So ha So ha ha So wait a second Bean and Ivy can make their own camp their own better camp Camp Flaming Arrow where counselors Ivy and Bean will give a whole new meaning to Crafts Music First Aid and hands on learning