Cognitive Radio Engineering

A cognitive radio is a transceiver that is aware of its environment the regulations governing its operation and its users needs priorities and operational privileges It can take intelligent action to configure itself to perform its mission based on that awareness and is capable of learning and reasoning from past experience br br i Cognitive Radio Engineering i is both a text and a reference book about cognitive radio architecture and implementation It is intended for readers who want to design and build working cognitive radios It provides a practical approach that differs from many existing titles that postulate and analyze or simulate ideal cognitive radios without considering how to build working prototypes This book will take the reader from conceptual block diagrams through the design and evaluation of illustrative prototypes br br Written by acknowledged experts in the field who have built working cognitive radio systems this book will be essential reading for communications engineers working in academia or industry

Satellite Communications

The only work to present a unified treatment of all the basic aspects of satellite communications and to give practical examples from real systems Whereas most texts in the field concentrate on a mathematical description of the communications link Satellite Communications gives the reader a thorough knowledge of the subject by going on to cover orbits propagation and the equipment that comprises a working system Pratt and Bostian go beyond the standard treatment of ideal channels which ignores some very real practical limitations to deal with the problems associated with transmitting digitally modulated signals through real satellites and earth stations Included are chapters on orbital mechanics spacecraft construction satellite path radio wave propagation modulation techniques multiple access and a detailed analysis of the communications link Contains worked examples and homework problems based on current industrial practice

Wie Satellite Communications

Artificial Intelligence In Wireless Communications

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