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Title:Fantasy Football
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Jennifer LoGalbo, Sharyn P
ISBN 13:
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Category:Young adult, Romance, Sports, High school, Contemporary

Fantasy Football by Jennifer LoGalbo, Sharyn P

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Fantasy Football

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Exit Stage Right

Seventeen year old Jackie Fenton is the school s leading lady Her passion for the stage was born out of her fear of sports and objects being thrown at her face But it was her home life that was all a stage She has a workaholic father a mother who abandoned the family to party in Vegas a younger sister who extorts money and a twin brother whose best friend makes Jackie all tongue tied He s also off limits because of Jeremy s bro code No dating the sister br When Jackie auditions for a local commercial she is told she s not ready and that there s a difference between acting in school plays versus real acting Jackie enrolls in acting classes and soon finds herself getting recognized but when she s offered a role tragedy strikes the family and suddenly her world comes crashing down on her

Peephole Romance

No description available

Playing with Cops and Robbers

In this humorous romantic suspense television news reporter Shelby Saunders has had her fair share of cutting edge stories She was certain her segment on Old Lady Wellington s th birthday would have her head on the chopping block after the station was hit with size able fines from local censorships But Shelby never could have predicted her career would be cut short by an eight pound peeing mutt But her suspension coupled with of an anger management course would be the least of her worries br br Shelby accompanies her best friend Keri Moldander to a nightclub to celebrate Keri s pending divorce from her cheating husband Not feeling well Shelby heads home and leaves her friend on the dance floor with handsome detective Brett Bako The following morning Shelby scampers across the hall to Keri s apartment for aspirin to ease a killer headache and suddenly fears for her life when a mysterious stranger emerges from the bathroom br br After a brief scuffle with Stranger Danger Shelby realizes the man is Keri s absentee older brother Kyle who chucked his expensive law degree for a life of crime She also realizes Keri never made it home last night With Kyle in tow she sets out to retrace Keri s steps which include Keri s estranged husband s place and detective Brett Bako During the investigation Shelby s feelings for Kyle resurface despite the fact she despises him Things turn from bad to worse when Kyle disappears after Brett implicates him in a double homicide br br With Kyle out of the picture Shelby gets dangerously close to Brett in order to find out the truth about Keri and Kyle And Shelby soon learns that playing with cops and robbers is a deadly combination One is out to save her And one is out to make her his next victim

I Spy You

In this romantic suspense Franki Conti has a plan for the Cupid auction coming up It was one that would assure her a date with Trevor Dennison most popular high school junior on campus But her plan backfires br Aiden McAlister is the new kid in town He has killer looks a killer smile and a killer body All the girls fawn all over him in hopes of being his Valentine but Aiden only has eyes for one girl in particular yet he knows he has to keep his distance br Although Franki feels a strong connection to Aiden after their date and he shows her a little affection Aiden remains reserved and distant He refuses to open up to her or talk about his family Therefore Franki resorts to spying on Aiden and his family to help her understand him more But what she learns about them just might get her killed

A Very Merry Bah Humbug

Winter is upon us Cozy up to a warm fireplace or dozens of candles with a glass of wine and unwind from your hectic day with this Christmas holiday read Because getting coal from Santa sometimes isn t a bad thing br br Holly is the epitome of all things Christmas After all she was born on Christmas day But when she s fired from her job on Christmas Eve her spirit is crushed and takes on a Scrooge persona Her brother Frank who isn t accustomed watching his sister crash and burn sends her packing to his cabin in the northern woods for some relaxation Unbeknownst to Holly Frank purposely strands Holly to not only find herself but to finally find love br br Author note Contains adult language and clean fun br br Disclosure The following is a review from a fellow author who received a free copy for her honest review br I thoroughly enjoyed your novella The story has a pleasant play of human insecurity against the protective defenses we erect to assuage our egos The characters were just vulnerable enough A pleasant peek into a relationship that burgeoned from childhood and bloomed into a healing pairing Donna King Nykolaycuyk Author Stand Like A Man The Story of Duke The Indian br br COMING SOON IN TIME FOR VALENTINES DAY Chasing Cupid A Cozy Holiday Novella Book

Ghost in the Graveyard

No description available

Secrets of Murder (Secrets of #1)

At first Marti Bonetti thought her family moved to a haunted old Victorian home Then her dreams painted a different picture That s some bruise on your arm her mother said br br Marti looked down at her arm and noticed a dark blue and purple bruise on the inner part of her arm The same place where Adam grabbed her in her dream It was a dream wasn t it

Secrets of the Dead (Secrets of #2)

Secrets Of The Dead continues where Secrets Of Murder left off It s Halloween Time for goblins spooks and real ghosts Marti Bonetti again finds herself trying to solve a mysterious murder This time of an elderly man she witnesses being gunned down in her dreams Each night her reoccurring nightmares become more realistic and terrifying to the point where she finally breaks down and cries With the help of her sleuthing friends they soon learn who the elderly man is and why he was murdered Only a mysterious ghost managed to stay one step ahead of Marti and her friends and will stop at nothing to claim what he feels is rightfully his including murder

A Very Merry Bah Humbug

A cozy holiday Novella br Sometimes getting coal from Santa isn t always a bad thing

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