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Title:Writing the Cozy Mystery
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Author:Nancy J. Cohen
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Writing the Cozy Mystery by Nancy J. Cohen

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Writing the Cozy Mystery

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Permed to Death (Bad Hair Day Mystery, #1)

Sassy salon owner Marla Shore is giving grumpy Mrs Kravitz a perm when the old lady croaks in the shampoo chair If that isn t enough to give her a bad hair day handsome Detective Vail suspects Marla of poisoning the woman s coffee creamer Figuring she d better expose the real killer before the next victim frizzes out Marla sets on the trail of a wave of wacky suspects

Murder by Manicure (Bad Hair Day Mystery, #3)

Hairstylist Marla Shore joins a fitness club to get in shape but discovers a dead body instead of an exercise routine Jolene Myers a client at Marla s salon has drowned beneath the frothing waters of the whirlpool When Homicide Detective Dalton Vail determines Jolene s death was no accident Marla decides to give her deductive skills a workout and help solve the case br br Jolene had few friends at the fancy athletic club As Marla gets to know everyone she wonders who might have targeted Jolene for a lethal soak in the hot tub The shady pharmacist The smarmy city councilman Or maybe the vocal animal rights activist The fitness club staff had no fondness for Jolene either How far would they go to keep their secrets When another member turns up dead Marla intensifies her efforts to nail the killer and wrap the case If she fails the next buff body on its way to the morgue might be hers br br Murder by Manicure was originally published by Kensington This Author s Edition has been revised and updated with added bonus materials br br Marla Shore is a beguiling very clever sleuth who teases out every clue Absolutely delightful Jill Churchill author of the Jane Jeffry amp Grace and Favor mystery series br

Body Wave (Bad Hair Day Mystery, #4)

Stylist Marla Shore goes undercover in a hair brained scheme to catch a killer in her latest South Florida adventure In a story braided with unexpected twists and curls she takes on a role as nurse s aide for wealthy Miriam Pearl While Marla snoops into the elderly matriarch s affairs her boyfriend Detective Dalton Vail is afraid that the only affair she ll snag is with her ex spouse Stan Juggling work at her salon crime solving and two amorously inclined males Marla fights a race against time to save Stan before the dashing detective nails him for murder br br br Ms Cohen s plot has more twists than a French braid and Marla is a shear delight Joanne Fluke author of the Hannah Swensen mysteries br br br Body Wave was originally published by Kensington This Author s Edition has been revised and updated with added bonus materials

Dead Roots (Bad Hair Day Mystery, #7)

A haunted hotel a family curse mysterious Cossacks hidden treasure murdered guests what looked to be a routine family reunion is turning into a serious Bad Hair Day indeed one that is trouble all the way down to the Dead Roots Marla Shore thought the only tricky part of the reunion at Florida s historic Sugar Crest Plantation Resort would be introducing her fianc Detective Dalton Vail to her family and vice versa But that was before her Aunt Polly was found suffocated in her bed It turns out that her family has a tangle of ties to Sugar Crest including Aunt Polly s father who once owned the plantation and hid a fortune in gems somewhere on the grounds And though Sugar Crest is slated for demolition many people would profit if it were not destroyed and some just might go to any lengths to make sure it remains standing To top it all off the plantation was built on a Native American burial mound which Marla knows is never a good idea and then the groundskeeper turns up dead Whatever is going on at Sugar Crest someone is willing to go to great lengths to keep it hidden But he or she has not planned on Marla who will stop at nothing to learn the truth before the killer strikes again

Killer Knots (Bad Hair Day Mystery, #9)

Florida hairstylist Marla Shore hopes for a romantic interlude with her fianc on their first Caribbean cruise but troubled waters lie ahead when their dinner companions disappear br one by one Then Marla learns a killer is along for the ride Onboard art auctions ports of call and sumptuous buffets beckon but she ignores temptation and musters her snooping skills to expose the culprit She d better find him fast before her next shore excursion turns into a trip to Davy Jones s locker

Died Blonde (Bad Hair Day Mystery, #6)

b It s hair today gone tomorrow when Marla Shore s rival salon owner is murdered in this charming series set in South Florida i Library Journal i b br br For a beautician Carolyn Sutton sure loves to split hairs The owner of Hairstyle Heaven has never stopped giving Marla hell for leaving and opening her own salon She even relocated near Marla s shop to cut in on her business But the competition just went from fierce to deadly when Marla finds Carolyn with her neck broken and a hank of hair missing br br Things get even weirder when Carolyn s trusted psychic takes over the salon and tells Marla that Carolyn s spirit wants her to solve the murder Marla s search for the homicidal hair puller takes her from smoky bingo parlors to a spooky town run by spiritualists to sultry Delray Beach But she doesn t need a crystal ball to tell her to watch her back before the killer once again decides to take a little off the top br br i New York Times i bestselling author P J Parrish raves Cohen has penned another follicle raising frolic with a wry twist of romance Readers of all hair colors will have more fun with this rollicking Bad Hair Day Mystery br

Highlights to Heaven (Bad Hair Day Mystery, #5)

Hairstylist and amateur sleuth Marla Shore lands a case close to home when her animal loving neighbor a man aptly named Goat disappears leaving his pets alone and a dead body in his master bedroom Even more disturbing is the pattern of highlights Marla notes in the victim s hair She recognizes the signature technique of her former mentor master stylist Cutter Corrigan Soon she s untangling clues that link Goat Cutter and the unsavory pet fur trade to her own past Someone at her former beauty school has a hair raising secret worth killing to keep

Hair Raiser (Bad Hair Day Mystery, #2)

Hairstylist Marla Shore volunteers for Taste of the World a fund raiser sponsored by Ocean Guard It s a decision she soon regrets First Chef Pierre s rum soaked Bananas Foster goes up in flames making her wonder if sabotage caused the incident Her suspicions deepen as more chefs drop off the roster and Ocean Guard s attorney is murdered Does the lawyer s death relate to an estate being managed by the group If their gala fails this property will fall into the hands of a mysterious heir br br Marla s friend dashingly handsome Detective Dalton Vail believes the culprit might be one of Ocean Guard s esteemed board members She determines to help him untangle the clues With a killer on the loose Marla has a lot more to worry about than which canap s her chefs should serve She d better comb through the knot of suspects and catch the saboteur before he strikes again br br With her witty style and flair for local color Nancy J Cohen has created another page turner that will leave readers eager for their next appointment with sassy salon owner Marla Shore br br Hair Raiser was originally published by Kensington Publishing Corp This Author s Edition has been revised and reformatted with added bonus materials

Perish by Pedicure (Bad Hair Day Mystery, #8)

Fire up the flatiron and break out the bulletproof blow dryer because Marla Shore the sassy South Florida beauty salon owner with a knack for fixing hair and finding trouble is back Beauty shows are not always known for cold blooded murder but that s exactly the case when Luxor Products company director Christine Parks is found dead in her hotel room facedown in a foot bath It does not take long into Marla s investigation to discover that everyone who worked with Christine had a reason to hate her From serial cheating to indulging in blackmail and bad investment advice she was a walking Bad Hair Daybad hair day and the list of possible suspects is longer than a pop diva s hair extensions And when a model with top secret information for Marla turns up dead things go from bad to worse in a hurry Behind the thumping house music and dazzling high platform hair tricks of Florida s hottest beauty show something very ugly is going down something that goes beyond polish and style to the killer takes all ambition of the beauty biz If Marla is not careful she just may end up on the wrong end of a murderer s very skillful hands

Writing the Cozy Mystery, Hair Raiser (Bad Hair Day Mystery, #2), Body Wave (Bad Hair Day Mystery, #4), Permed to Death (Bad Hair Day Mystery, #1), Highlights to Heaven (Bad Hair Day Mystery, #5), Died Blonde (Bad Hair Day Mystery, #6), Perish by Pedicure (Bad Hair Day Mystery, #8), Murder by Manicure (Bad Hair Day Mystery, #3), Killer Knots (Bad Hair Day Mystery, #9), Dead Roots (Bad Hair Day Mystery, #7)