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Title:A History of the Canadian Pacific Railway
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Author:Harold A. Innis, Peter George
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A History of the Canadian Pacific Railway by Harold A. Innis, Peter George

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The Bias of Communication

One of the most influential books ever published in Canada The Bias of Communication has played a major part in reshaping our understanding of what constitutes history It is a collection of essays by one of Canada s greatest historians on a subject that opened broad new avenues of thought on the role of media in the creation of history Marshall McLuhan deeply influenced by these essays led North America to a new awareness of the role of media in contemporary culture The works of Harold Innis are seminal in the study of Canadian history the essays in this volume continue to generate intense dabate among historians communications scholars and media theorists

Empire and Communications

It s been said that without Harold A Innis there could have been no Marshall McLuhan i Empire and Communications i is one of Innis s most important contributions to the debate about how media influence the development of consciousness and societies In this seminal text he traces humanity s movement from the oral tradition of preliterate cultures to the electronic media of recent times Along the way he presents his own influential concepts of oral communication time and space bias and monopolies of knowledge

The Fur Trade in Canada: An Introduction to Canadian Economic History

At the time of its publication in i The Fur Trade in Canada i challenged and inspired scholars historians and economists Now almost seventy years later Harold Innis s fundamental reinterpretation of Canadian history continues to exert a magnetic influence br br Innis has long been regarded as one of Canada s foremost historians and in The Fur Trade in Canada he presents several histories in one social history through the clash between colonial and aboriginal cultures economic history in the development of the West as a result of Eastern colonial and European needs and transportation history in the case of the displacement of the canoe by the York boat Political history appears in Innis s examination of the nature of French British rivalry and the American Revolution and business history is represented in his detailed account of the Hudson s Bay and Northwest Companies and the industry that played so vital a role in the expansion of Canada br br In his introduction to this new edition Arthur J Ray argues that i The Fur Trade in Canada i is the most definitive economic history and geography of the country ever produced Innis s revolutionary conclusion that Canada was created because of its geography not in spite of it is a captivating idea but also an enigmatic proposition in light of the powerful decentralizing forces that threaten the nation today Ray presents the history of the book and concludes that Innis s great book remains essential reading for the study of Canada

Changing Concepts of Time

This classic book Harold Innis s last returns to print with a new introduction by James Carey An elaboration of Innis s earlier theories Changing Concepts of Time looks at then new technological changes in communication and considers the different ways in which space and time are perceived Innis explores military implications of the U S constitution freedom of the press communication monopolies culture and press support of presidential candidates among other interesting and diverse topics

Staples, Markets, and Cultural Change: Selected Essays

At the start of his career Innis set out to explain the significance of price rigidities in the cultural social and political institutions of new countries by the end of his intellectual journey he had become one of the most influential critics of modernity The essays in this collection address a variety of themes including the rise of industrialism and the expansion of international markets staples trades critical factors in Canadian development metropolitanism and nationality the problems of adjustment the political economy of communications the economics of cultural change and Innis s conception of the role of the intellectual as citizen Innis succeeded as few others have in providing an astute and comprehensive account of the economic and social forces shaping modernity His abiding interest in the contradictory and unintended consequences of markets in general the dominant structure of modern economic activity gave rise to the rich legacy of his prodigious output

The Cod Fisheries: The History of an International Economy

The Cod Fisheries originally published in and revised and reissued in presented a new interpretation of European and North American history that has since become a classic With that rare skill he possessed of weaving together the various strands of a complex and difficult historical situation Innis showed how the exploitation of the cod fisheries from the fifteenth century to the twentieth has been closely tied up with the whole economic and political development of Western Europe and North America br br The relationship of the fisheries to the maritime greatness of Britain and to the growth of New England as an important commercial power is particularly stressed and in the examination of the conflicts growing up about this industry are revealed the forces underlying the struggle between Britain and France for control of the new world and the forces which led to the collapse of thye British Empire in America and the rise of an independent new world political power The political struggles with Nova Scotia and the long conflict with the United States continuing far into the nineteenth century are examined in careful detail

The Idea File of Harold Adams Innis

The many published volumes of the writings of Harold Adams Innis testify to his extraordinary grasp of the ordering principles of human history The notes that he left at the time of his death provide a new and revealing profile of the inner workings of this restless and relentless mind br br Innis maintained added to and corrected in the last seven years of his life a single system of cross referenced notes which came to be called the Idea File Before his death in he collected these notes into a single numbered collation In this edition the material has been arranged in chronological order to give a sense of the development of Innis s ideas and concerns br br Innis s interests were many and varied and this collection of some notes covers an encyclopedic range of topics The different lines of Innis s investigations converge however in his interest in basic political and cultural issues and in his fundamental concern for the preservation of individual freedom and creativity At heart Innis was a moralist whose hatred of oppressive social institutions led him to examine them from many angles It is a fascinating odyssey Every reader will be refreshed and enriched by sharing Innis s life long intellectual adventure

Essays in Canadian Economic History

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Peter Pond: Fur Trader and Adventurer

Biography of Peter Pond Canadian explorer one of the first Europeans to penetrate the Canadian interior

A History of the Canadian Pacific Railway

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The Cod Fisheries: The History of an International Economy, A History of the Canadian Pacific Railway, The Fur Trade in Canada: An Introduction to Canadian Economic History, The Bias of Communication, Changing Concepts of Time, The Idea File of Harold Adams Innis, Essays in Canadian Economic History, Peter Pond: Fur Trader and Adventurer, Staples, Markets, and Cultural Change: Selected Essays, Empire and Communications