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Title:White Fang Jack London: Large Print Edition
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Jack London
Publisher:Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
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Number of Pages:276
Category:Fiction, Adventure, Young adult, Literature, Historical fiction, Childrens, Novels

White Fang Jack London: Large Print Edition by Jack London

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The Call of the Wild

i A classic novel reissued for contemporary readers i br br Rediscover Jack London s beloved classic in this unique hardbound edition First published as a serial in the Saturday Evening Post in i The Call of the Wild i has never been out of print br br Follow a dog named Buck through violence and hardship loyalty and loss finally finding himself and his home in the Yukon wilderness Truly a must have for London fans book lovers and adventurers

White Fang

White Fang is part dog and part wolf and the lone survivor of his family In his lonely world he soon learns to follow the harsh law of the North kill or be killed But nothing in White Fang s life can prepare him for the cruel owner who turns him into a vicious killer Will White Fang ever know the kindness of a gentle master

The Call of the Wild/White Fang

i The Call of the Wild i tells the story of Buck a domestic dog who is kidnapped from his home in California and forced to pull sleds in the Arctic wasteland i White Fang i by contrast is the tale of a crossbreed who is three quarters wolf and a quarter dog and who must endure considerable suffering in the wilderness before being tamed by an American and taken to live in California br br Extraordinary both for the vividness of their descriptions and the success with which they imagine life from a non human perspective Jack London s classics of children s literature are two of the greatest and most popular animal stories ever written br br This beautiful Macmillan Collector s Library edition of i The Call of the Wild amp White Fang i features an afterword by Sam Gilpin br br Designed to appeal to the booklover the Macmillan Collector s Library is a series of beautiful gift editions of much loved classic titles Macmillan Collector s Library are books to love and treasure

The Sea Wolf

The novel begins when Van Weyden is swept overboard into San Francisco Bay and plucked from the sea by Larsen s seal hunting vessel the Ghost This ship s evil captain Wolf Larsen The Sea Wolf is a murderous tyrant who uses his superhuman strength to torture and destroy his brilliant mind to invent sick games and his relentless will to control his mutinous crew Pressed into service as a cabin boy by the ruthless captain Van Weyden becomes an unwilling participant in a brutal shipboard drama Larsen s increasingly violent abuse of the crew fuels a mounting tension that ultimately boils into mutiny shipwreck and a desperate confrontation

The Call of the Wild, White Fang and Other Stories

Of all Jack London s fictions none has been as popular as his dog stories In addition to The Call of the Wild the epic tale of a Californian dog s adventures during the Klondike gold rush this edition includes White Fang and five famous short stories B tard Moon Face Brown Wolf That Spot and To Build a Fire

Martin Eden

The semiautobiographical em Martin Eden em is the most vital and original character Jack London ever created Set in San Francisco this is the story of Martin Eden an impoverished seaman who pursues obsessively and aggressively dreams of education and literary fame London dissatisfied with the rewards of his own success intended Martin Eden as an attack on individualism and a criticism of ambition however much of its status as a classic has been conferred by admirers of its ambitious protagonist br br Andrew Sinclair s wide ranging introduction discusses the conflict between London s support of socialism and his powerful self will Sinclair also explores the parallels and divergences between the life of Martin Eden and that of his creator focusing on London s mental depressions and how they affected his depiction of Eden

To Build a Fire

To Build a Fire is one of Jack London s most beloved short stories A heartbreaking tale set in the vast wintry landscape of the North it endures as one of the greatest adventures ever written

The Iron Heel

A dystopian novel about the terrible oppressions of an American oligarchy at the beginning of the Twentieth Century and the struggles of a socialist revolutionary movement

To Build a Fire and Other Stories

This edition of i To Build a Fire and Other Stories i includes an Introduction Biographical Note and Afterword by David Lubar In these collected stories of man against the wilderness London lays claim to the title of greatest outdoor adventure writer of all time br br Contents br br To build a fire br Love of life br Chinago br Told in the drooling ward br The Mexican br War br South of the slot br Water baby br All Gold Canyon br Koolau the leper br Apostate br Mauki br An Odyssey of the north br A piece of steak br Strength of the strong br Red one br Wit or Porportuk br God of his fathers br In a far country br To the man on trail br White silence br League of the old men br Wisdom of the trail br Batard

The Star Rover

i The Star Rover i in the UK published as i The Jacket i is a collection of short stories revolves around the concept of reincarnation It tells the story of San Quentin death row inmate Darrell Standing who escapes the horror of prison life and long stretches in a straitjacket by withdrawing into vivid dreams of past lives including incarnations as a French nobleman and an Englishman in medieval Korea Based on the life and imprisonment of Jack London s friend Ed Morrell this is one of the author s most complex and original works

The Iron Heel, The Sea Wolf, The Star Rover, The Call of the Wild, White Fang and Other Stories, The Call of the Wild, White Fang, To Build a Fire and Other Stories, The Call of the Wild/White Fang, To Build a Fire, Martin Eden