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Title:Drunkard Boxing
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Linh Dinh
Publisher:Singing Horse Press
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Number of Pages:40

Drunkard Boxing by Linh Dinh

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Drunkard Boxing Poetry The prose poems in Linh Dihn s DRUNKARD BOXING are worldly visual images that induce distinct feelings that only places and things can give you The body and movement are ever present in Dinh s work and offer random detail in ways that make perfect sense Dinh s other books includes Blood and Soup Fake House Stories American Tatts and more Born in Vietnam Linh Dinh came to the United States in He has published poetry in numerous journals including Sulfur New American Writing and Kenyon Review DRUNKARD BOXING is his first collection from the Philadelphia Publishing Project which responds to the need for national exposure for emerging writers in Philadelphia

Blood and Soap: Stories

No description available

Love Like Hate

A dysfunctional family saga that doubles as a portrait of Vietnam in the last half of the th century Protagonists Kim Lan and Hoang Long marry in Saigon during the Vietnam War uniting in a setting that allows Dinh s dark deadpan humour to flourish

Night, Again: Contemporary Fiction from Vietnam

A couple s scheme to get rich by killing their father backfires leaving them in charge of a cripple In heaven a baby dead through neglect tells his playmates Life down there is just one long sleep A young soldier saved by a stranger can never again find her to thank her A man carries a massive clock Using a variety of techniques and styles in this collection of twelve short stories contemporary Vietnamese writers edited by poet short story writer and novelist Linh Dinh show us Vietnam through their own eyes Night Again breaks with the traditional views of the Vietnamese that have focused on the Vietnam War and turns our attention to postwar life in Vietnam These writers present impressions at once strange and familiar of postwar realities

Borderless Bodies

POETRY Linh Dinh s third book of poems Borderless Bodies is a fierce yet playful investigation into the body as metaphor with its various processes as allegories Where bones always nudge Against the fuzziest skin Where inside and outside Are confused and flushed from Borders The body as polity and politics as metaphor and subject at once One only misses one s bellybutton As one is hacked away from it making this perhaps Linh Dinh s most ambitious and accomplished book to date His other collections are AMERICAN TATTS REVISED AND EXPANDED EDITION and ALL AROUND WHAT EMPTIES OUT

All Around What Empties Out

Poetry Asian American Studies Given that there are two kinds of readers in English those who are passionate fans of the poetry of Linh Dinh and those who have yet to read his writing ALL AROUND WHAT EMPTIES OUT is a major event too long overdue These are works without waste with the driest sense of humor and throughout an underlying feel for the pain of living that calls to mind Kathy Acker as much as Kafka Ron Silliman Lihn Dinh is the author of a collection of stories Fake House Seven Stories Press Published by Subpress A A Arts Tinfish

Fake House: Stories

Fake House the first collection of short stories by poet Linh Dinh explores the weird atrocious fond and ongoing intimacies between Vietnam and the United States br Linked by a complicated past the characters are driven by an intense and angry energy The politics of race and sex anchor Dinh s work as his men and women negotiate their way in a post Vietnam War world Dinh has said of his own work I incorporate a filth or uncleanness to make the picture more healthy not to defile anything br While Fake House delves into the lives of marginal souls in two cultures the characters dignity lies ultimately in how they face the conflict in themselves and the world

American Tatts

Poetry Asian American Studies Revised and enlarged edition There are two kinds of readers in English those who are passionate fans of the poetry of Linh Dinh and those who have yet to read his writing Linh Dinh looks at the world with the clearest eyes imaginable a walking example of the role of the real at the heart of the surreal Ron Silliman br br Reading Linh Dinh is a tonic and a revelation His poems might have taken off the top of Dickinson s head and then some Linh Dinh raids and reinvents the language with an ardor bordering on delirium Rachel Loden br br Linh Dinh s is a unique voice in contemporary American literature He writes with the raging wit and the soul of a poet Jessica Hagedorn

Jam Alerts

Poetry Asian American Studies JAM ALERTS is the newest title from this important and prolific poet Linh Dinh is one of the most consistently surprising writers around One can find sources amp roots for his writing explain the sources of surrealism through the presence say of the French in Vietnam tho they were driven out a decade before he was born note that he is hardly the only good or succesful Vietnamese American poety let alone the only poet to come from a working class background yet he is not writing about or even toward nor from any one of these contexts so much as he is through them they are lenses filters that condition his perspective on everyday life Imagine what any other poet with this strong a sense of form would have to become in order to write such poetry Linh is writing straightforward poetry but from a perspective shared by almost no one else This kind of exile is far deeper than mere geography Ron Silliman Be sure to check out Linh Dinh s BORDERLESS BODIES and AMERICAN TATTS both currently available from SPD

Postcards from the End of America

Roaming the country by bus and train on a budget and without any institutional support Linh Dinh set out to document in words and pictures what life is like for people From Los Angeles Cheyenne Portland and New Orleans to Jackson and Wolf Point Linh walked miles and miles through unfamiliar neighborhoods talking to whoever would talk to him the homeless living in tent cities the peddlers the protestors the public preachers the prostitutes With the uncompromising eye of a Walker Evans or a Dorothea Lange and the indomitable forthright prose of a modern day Nelson Algren or James Agee Dinh documents the appalling and the absurd with warmth and honesty giving voice to America s often forgotten citizens and championing the awesome strength it takes to survive for those on the bottom br br Growing out of a photo and political writing blog Linh has maintained since i Postcards from the End of America i is an unflinching diary of what Linh sees as the accelerating collapse of America Tracking the economic political and social unraveling from the casinos to the abandoned factories and over all the sidewalks in between with a poet s incisive tongue Linh shows us the uncanny power of the people in the face of societal devastation

Some Kind of Cheese Orgy

Poetry The ever precise and brilliant James Schuyler characterized Vladimir Mayakovsky s poetry as brimming with the intimate yell Frank O Hara got that energy pulsing in his work but was tenderer while Linh Dinh is more preposterous and full of outrage than either Imagine a concoction that mixes Shakespeare s Falstaff and Celine s Bardum frank rollicking humor and hair raising disgust After adding fish sauce a smelly cheese and sexual sweat shake vigorously Out of the bottle rises Linh Dinh God talks to him and he talks about everything including the body parts that Renaissance painters left out No one does it better John Yau

Love Like Hate, Jam Alerts, All Around What Empties Out, Blood and Soap: Stories, Some Kind of Cheese Orgy, Postcards from the End of America, Borderless Bodies, Night, Again: Contemporary Fiction from Vietnam, Fake House: Stories, American Tatts