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Title:Unusual Suspects: Stories of Mystery & Fantasy
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Dana Stabenow, Charlaine Harris, Carole Nelson Douglas, Michael A. Stackpole, Sharon Shinn, Mike Doogan, Donna Andrews, Michael Armstrong, John Straley, Laura Anne Gilman, Laurie R. King, Simon R. Green
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Number of Pages:306
Category:Fantasy, Mystery, Short stories, Anthologies, Urban fantasy, Paranormal, Fiction

Unusual Suspects: Stories of Mystery & Fantasy by Dana Stabenow, Charlaine Harris, Carole Nelson Douglas, Michael A. Stackpole, Sharon Shinn, Mike Doogan, Donna Andrews, Michael Armstrong, John Straley, Laura Anne Gilman, Laurie R. King, Simon R. Green

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Unusual Suspects: Stories of Mystery & Fantasy All new from the top names in mystery and fantasy including a never beforepublished Sookie Stackhouse story from Charlaine Harris b .

This follow up to i Powers of Detection i showcases bestselling and award winning names from Simon Green to Laurie King to Sharon Shinn with original stories featuring otherworldly investigators trailing uncanny criminals across fantastical realms From video game characters seeking civil rights and a cave dragon loan shark pondering an investment to Santa Claus s Australian vacation and an enemy of Sam Spade s out for revenge plus visits to the Nightside and Sookie Stackhouse s hometown these stories will take readers around the world on a magical mystery tour .

Lucky by Charlaine Harris a Sookie Stackhouse short Bogieman by Carole Nelson Douglas Looks are Deceiving by Micheal A Stackpole the House of Seven Spirits by Sharon Shinn Glamour by Mike Doogan Spellbound by Donna Andrews the Duh Vice by Michael Armstrong Weight of the World by John Straley Illumination by Laura Anne Gilman the House by Laurie R King Appetite for Murder by Simon R Green a Nightside short A Woman s Work by Dana Stabenow

A Cold Day For Murder (Kate Shugak, #1)

Kate Shugak returns to her roots in the far Alaskan north after leaving the Anchorage D A s office Her deductive powers are definitely needed when a ranger disappears Looking for clues among the Aleutian pipeliners she begins to realize the fine line between lies and loyalties between justice served and cold murder

Dead In The Water (Kate Shugak, #3)

Once Kate Shugak was the star investigator of the Anchorage D A s office Now she s gone back to her Aleut roots in the far Alaska north where her talent for detection makes her the toughest crime tracker in that stark and mysterious land

A Fatal Thaw (Kate Shugak, #2)

On her homestead in the middle of twenty million acres of national Park Aleut P I Kate Shugak is caught up in spring cleaning unaware that just miles away a man s sanity is breaking When the sound of gunfire finally dies away nine of his neighbors lie dead in the snow But did he kill all nine or only eight The ninth victim was killed with a different weapon It s up to Kate and her husky wolf sidekick Mutt to untangle the life of the dead blonde with the tarnished past and find her killer It won t be easy every second Park rat had a motive Was it one of her many spurned lovers Was a wife looking for revenge Or did a deal with an ivory smuggler go bad Even Trooper Jim Chopin the Park s resident state trooper had a history with the victim Kate will need every ounce of determination to find the truth before Alaska metes out its own justice

Blood Will Tell (Kate Shugak, #6)

Dana Stabenow once again returns to Alaska America s last frontier where her unforgettable Aleut investigator Kate Shugak faces one of the most painful cases of her reluctant career Kate was formerly the star investigator of the Anchorage D A s office now all she wants to do is enjoy the first weeks of autumn on her isolated homestead Alone But duty calls in the form of Ekaterina Shugak Kate s grandmother the imposing matriarch of her extended family It s the week of the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention and everyone who s anyone as well as a few nobodies has gathered in Anchorage for a week of shopping gossiping bragging and more than a little wheeling and dealing But there s more happening this year than what s on the official agenda A vote is coming up on the future of tribal lands and the arguments are heated Heated enough to raise suspicions about the recent death of a Native Association board member Kate has always refused to get involved with tribal politics But the dead woman was a relative and the one true weakness Kate Shugak has is for her family Reluctantly agreeing to investigate she is drawn into a whirlpool of deceit lies and secrets she is torn not only between the modern world and the traditional but also between opposing factions within each group And the more Kate investigates the more she discovers how deeply she is tied to the land and to what lengths she will go in order to protect it

Breakup (Kate Shugak, #7)

April in Alaska is the period of spring thaw what the locals call breakup For Kate this year s meltdown brings nothing but mayhem First the snow uncovers a dead body near Kate s home Then a woman is killed in a suspicious bear attack Kate is drawn further into the destruction of breakup and into the path of a murderer

Though Not Dead (Kate Shugak, #18)

The residents of Alaska s largest national park are stunned by the death of one of their oldest members eighty seven year old Sam Dementieff even investigator Kate Shugak Sam a lifelong resident was dubbed the father of all of the Park rats even though he had no children of his own Kate his niece is surprised to discover that in his will he s left her everything including a letter instructing her simply to find my father In the three days after Kate begins her search through Sam s background she gets threatened and worse Kate struggles to fulfill Sam s last wish without losing her own life to the people who are following her every move Long lost family secrets and fatal consequences are interwoven with the epic history of an unforgiving land br br

Fire And Ice (Liam Campbell, #1)

Newenham Alaska is a long way from the big city comforts of Anchorage where Sergeant Liam Campbell was an up and coming state trooper with everything going his way But that was before his life unraveled Transferred in disgrace to this rough and tumble fishing town on the shores of Bristol Bay Liam knows Newenham is the end of the line It s also his last shot at getting his life back He s about to come in for a very rough landing Stepping onto the airstrip at Newenham Liam walks into a crime scene a body torn apart by the propeller of a Piper Super Cub As if that isn t enough of a welcome the woman bending over the corpse is Wyanet Chouinard the only woman Liam ever truly loved and soon to be his prime suspect Next a man is held hostage in the town s only decent burger joint held for shooting out a jukebox that was playing Jimmy Buffet s i Margaritaville i And Liam still doesn t have his uniform on

A Fine And Bitter Snow (Kate Shugak, #12)

Change never comes easy so when the news breaks that the new administration oil might be drilling for oil soon in a wildlife preserve in southeastern Alaska home to P I Kate Shugak battle lines are quickly drawn across the community But for Kate who hasn t been able to get back into her daily life ever since her lover s violent death a few months ago it s a welcome reprieve from doing nothing br br Tensions run high when Kate s friend and chief park ranger Dan O Brien is deemed too green for them by management and asked to take early retirement Kate rallies the troops to fight for his job but before she can really start throwing her weight around a longtime resident is found brutally murdered Alaska State Trooper Jim Chopin enlists Kate in the investigation and it isn t long before she discovers that when it comes to the beauty and danger of living and dying in Alaska nothing is as simple as it seems

A Taint In The Blood (Kate Shugak, #14)

A woman hires Aleutian P I Kate Shugak to clear her mother s name Twenty years ago the mother was convicted of arson and murder of setting fire to the family home while her two sons were inside One died and one was maimed Her daughter has always believed in her innocence though the mother herself had accepted the verdict and the life sentence without protest Now the mother is terminally ill and her daughter wants her free But as Kate begins the investigation it seems the mother isn t the only one who wants to leave the past in the past br br Kate must confront twenty years of secrets and regret and murder involving one of Alaska s most powerful families br

A Grave Denied (Kate Shugak, #13)

Everyone knew that Len Dreyer was a handyman for hire in the Park But no one knew anything else about him including Kate Shugak who was planning to ask him to help build a small second cabin on her property When Len s body is discovered frozen solid in the path of a receding glacier with a hole from a shotgun blast in his chest no one had noticed that he had been missing for months Alaska State Trooper Jim Chopin asks Kate to help him dig into Dreyer s background in the hope of finding some motive for his murder She takes the case mindful of the need for gainful employment as she copes with her responsibility for Johnny the teenage boy in her care Little does she imagine that by trying to provide for him she just might put him right in the path of danger br br b b

A Fatal Thaw (Kate Shugak, #2), Though Not Dead (Kate Shugak, #18), A Grave Denied (Kate Shugak, #13), Fire And Ice (Liam Campbell, #1), Dead In The Water (Kate Shugak, #3), Breakup (Kate Shugak, #7), A Fine And Bitter Snow (Kate Shugak, #12), A Cold Day For Murder (Kate Shugak, #1), Blood Will Tell (Kate Shugak, #6), A Taint In The Blood (Kate Shugak, #14)