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Title:The Princess in Black and the Mysterious Playdate (The Princess in Black #5)
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Shannon Hale, Dean Hale, LeUyen Pham
Publisher:Candlewick Press (MA)
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:96
Category:Fantasy, Childrens, Humor, Juvenile

The Princess in Black and the Mysterious Playdate (The Princess in Black #5) by Shannon Hale, Dean Hale, LeUyen Pham

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC The Princess in Black and the Mysterious Playdate (The Princess in Black #5) Noseholes and elephants A pet eating monster interrupts a perfect playdate with Princess Sneezewort but who is that new masked avenger b .

Princess Magnolia and Princess Sneezewort have plans mysterious plans like a princess playdate They dress up slam They karaoke jam They playhouse romp and snack time stomp But then a shout from outside Princess Sneezewort s castle interrupts their fun It s a monster trying to eat someone s kitty This is a job for the Princess in Black Yet when the Princess in Black gets there she finds only a masked stranger and no monster in sight or is there Action and humor abound in this ode to friendship that proves that when shape shifting monsters intrude on your plans two heroes are better than one

The Goose Girl (The Books of Bayern, #1)

Anidori Kiladra Talianna Isilee Crown Princess of Kildenree spends the first years of her life under her aunt s guidance learning to communicate with animals As she grows up Ani develops the skills of animal speech but is never comfortable speaking with people so when her silver tongued lady in waiting leads a mutiny during Ani s journey to be married in a foreign land Ani is helpless and cannot persuade anyone to assist her br br Becoming a goose girl for the king Ani eventually uses her own special nearly magical powers to find her way to her true destiny Shannon Hale has woven an incredible original and magical tale of a girl who must find her own unusual talents before she can become queen of the people she has made her own

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div div Miri lives on a mountain where for generations her ancestors have quarried stone and lived a simple life Then word comes that the king s priests have divined her small village the home of the future princess In a year s time the prince himself will come and choose his bride from among the girls of the village The king s ministers set up an academy on the mountain and every teenage girl must attend and learn how to become a princess br br Miri soon finds herself confronted with a harsh academy mistress bitter competition among the girls and her own conflicting desires to be chosen and win the heart of her childhood best friend But when bandits seek out the academy to kidnap the future princess Miri must rally the girls together and use a power unique to the mountain dwellers to save herself and her classmates div div

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Jane Hayes is a seemingly normal young New Yorker but she has a secret Her obsession with Mr Darcy as played by Colin Firth in the BBC adaptation of i Pride and Prejudice i is ruining her love life no real man can compare But when a wealthy relative bequeaths her a trip to an English resort catering to Austen crazed women Jane s fantasies of meeting the perfect Regency era gentleman suddenly become realer than she ever could have imagined br br Decked out in empire waist gowns Jane struggles to master Regency etiquette and flirts with gardeners and gentlemen or maybe even she suspects with the actors who are playing them It s all a game Jane knows And yet the longer she stays the more her insecurities seem to fall away and the more she wonders Is she about to kick the Austen obsession for good or could all her dreams actually culminate in a Mr Darcy of her own

Book of a Thousand Days

When Dashti a maid and Lady Saren her mistress are shut in a tower for seven years because of Saren s refusal to marry a man she despises the two prepare for a very long and dark imprisonment br br As food runs low and the days go from broiling hot to freezing cold it is all Dashti can do to keep them fed and comfortable With the arrival outside the tower of Saren s two suitors one welcome the other decidedly less so the girls are confronted with both hope and great danger and Dashti must make the desperate choices of a girl whose life is worth more than she knows br br With Shannon Hale s lyrical language this little known classic fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm is reimagined and reset on the central Asian steppes it is a completely unique retelling filled with adventure and romance drama and disguise

Enna Burning (The Books of Bayern, #2)

Enna and Princess Isi became fast friends in The Goose Girl but after Isi married Prince Geric Enna returned to the forest Enna s simple life changes forever when she learns to wield fire and burn anything at will Enna is convinced that she can use her ability for good to fight Tira the kingdom threatening the Bayern borders and goes on secret raids to set fire to the Tiran camps and villages But as the power of the fire grows stronger she is less able to control her need to burn In her recklessness she is captured by the Tiran army and held captive by a handsome manipulative young captain who drugs her to keep her under his influence Can Isi and her old friends Finn and Razo rescue her without sacrificing themselves And with the fire still consuming her will Enna find a way to manage the gift that threatens to destroy her

River Secrets (The Books of Bayern, #3)

No description available

Forest Born (The Books of Bayern, #4)

No description available

Palace of Stone (Princess Academy, #2)

Coming down from the mountain to a new life in the city is a thrill to Miri She and her princess academy friends have been brought to Asland to help the future princess Britta prepare for her wedding There Miri also has a chance to attend school at the Queen s Castle But as Miri befriends students who seem sophisticated and exciting she also learns that they have some frightening plans Torn between loyalty to the princess and her new friends ideas between an old love and a new crush and between her small mountain home and the bustling city Miri looks to find her own way in this new place br Picking up where i Princess Academy i left off and celebrating the joys of friendship romance and the fate of fairy tale kingdoms this new book delivers the completely delightful new story that fans have been waiting for

Rapunzel's Revenge (Rapunzel's Revenge, #1)

Once upon a time in a land you only think you know lived a little girl and her mother or the woman she i thought i was her mother br br Every day when the little girl played in her pretty garden she grew more curious about what lay on the other side of the garden wall a rather enormous garden wall br br And every year as she grew older things seemed weirder and weirder until the day she finally climbed to the top of the wall and looked over into the mines and desert beyond br br Newbery Honor winning author Shannon Hale teams up with husband Dean Hale and brilliant artist Nathan Hale no relation to bring readers a swashbuckling and hilarious twist on the classic story as you ve never seen it before Watch as Rapunzel and her amazing hair team up with Jack of beanstalk fame to gallop around the wild and western landscape changing lives righting wrongs and bringing joy to every soul they encounter

Midnight in Austenland (Austenland, #2)

br When Charlotte Kinder treats herself to a two week vacation at Austenland she happily leaves behind her ex husband and his delightful new wife her ever grateful children and all the rest of her real life in America She dons a bonnet and stays at a country manor house that provides an immersive Austen experience complete with gentleman actors who cater to the guests Austen fantasies br br Everyone at Pembrook Park is playing a role but increasingly Charlotte isn t sure where roles end and reality begins And as the parlor games turn a little bit menacing she finds she needs more than a good corset to keep herself safe Is the brooding Mr Mallery as sinister as he seems What is Miss Gardenside s mysterious ailment Was that an actual dead body in the secret attic room And perhaps of the most lasting importance could the stirrings in Charlotte s heart be a sign of real life love br br The follow up to reader favorite i Austenland i provides the same perfectly plotted pleasures with a feisty new heroine plenty of fresh and frightening twists and the possibility of a romance that might just go beyond the proper bounds of Austen s world How could it not turn out right in the end

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