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Title:Saddam Hussein on Current Events in Iraq
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Saddam Hussein on Current Events in Iraq by Saddam Hussein

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Zabiba and the King

WHAT IS IT ABOUT Zabiba and the King is an allegorical love story between a mighty king Saddam and a simple yet beautiful commoner named Zabiba the Iraqi people Zabiba is married to a cruel and unloving husband the United States who forces himself upon her against her will This act of rape is compared to the United States invasion of Iraq DOES SADDAM HUSSEIN RECEIVE ANY MONEY FOR THIS BOOK Not a dime The translation is owned by the editor WHY TRANSLATE THIS BOOK The editor an American businessman had the book translated into English to satisfy his own curiosity He also felt it would be interesting and a beneficial tool for the curious the patriotic the educator the historian etc as well as for the friends and families of servicemen serving in Iraq The publisher a strong supporter of U S troops felt the book was an interesting read While the allegory is controversial and at times unsettling it gives the reader an opportunity to play detective and attempt to decipher any hidden meanings WHAT IS THE SETTING The stomping grounds of a young Saddam Hussein near Tikrit Iraq WHAT IS THE TIME PERIOD The era of the story is the mid s to early s A D due to the clue the main character Zabiba is a devout follower of Islam yet the king still worships the idols of his forefathers and is ignorant of some of the fundamental traditions of the Islamic faith DID SADDAM HUSSEIN REALLY WRITE THE NOVEL While it is no secret that the release of this book in Arabic was an overnight best seller in Iraq and even became an on stage musical production in Baghdad the book promotes the establishment of a quasi democratic form of government that the editor and others believe would not have been allowed to be published in Iraq unless Saddam were intimately involved in its creation Many Iraqis firmly believe it was penned by Saddam Hussein

On Democracy

In after returning from a monthlong stay in Baghdad American artist Paul Chan was given a gift from a colleague in the human rights group Voices of the Wilderness a copy of three speeches on democracy written by Saddam Hussein in the s before he became president of Iraq The speeches compiled here for the first time in English are politically perverse yet eerily familiar The then vice president of Iraq characterizes social democracy as demanding authority and defines free will as the patriotic duty to uphold the good of the state br br This volume takes the speeches as an opportunity to ask what democracy means from the standpoint of a notorious political figure who was anything but democratic and to reflect on how promises of freedom and security can mask the reality of repressive regimes With drawings by Paul Chan including a new suite in its entirety and essays by Bidoun s Negar Azimi philosopher and artist Nickolas Calabrese and journalist Jeff Severns Guntzel this book is the inaugural copublication of the Deste Foundation for Contemporary Art and Chan s own Badlands Unlimited

Devil’s Dance

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The Revolution and Woman in Iraq

Series of speeches and lectures given by Saddam Hussein about the role of the woman in Iraq and in the Baathist revolution

Посмертное Проклятие


On history, heritage and religion

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Storia, religione e patrimonio culturale

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One trench or two?

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The Revolution and the Young

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On Iraq & International Politics

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The Revolution and Woman in Iraq, On Iraq & International Politics, Zabiba and the King, Storia, religione e patrimonio culturale, On Democracy, The Revolution and the Young, On history, heritage and religion, One trench or two?, Devil’s Dance, Посмертное Проклятие