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Title:The Brass Check: A Study of American Journalism
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Upton Sinclair, Robert W. McChesney, Ben Scott
Publisher:University of Illinois Press
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:480
Category:Non fiction, History, Politics, Journalism, Society

The Brass Check: A Study of American Journalism by Upton Sinclair, Robert W. McChesney, Ben Scott

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC The Brass Check: A Study of American Journalism States that American journalism is a class institution serving the rich and spurning the poor This title likens journalists to prostitutes and the title of the book refers to a chit that was issued to patrons of urban brothels of the era It presents a critique of the structural basis of US media

The Jungle

Upton Sinclair s dramatic and deeply moving story exposed the brutal conditions in the Chicago stockyards at the turn of the nineteenth century and brought into sharp moral focus the appalling odds against which immigrants and other working people struggled for their share of the American dream Denounced by the conservative press as an un American libel on the meatpacking industry this book was championed by more progressive thinkers including then president Theodore Roosevelt and was a major catalyst to the passing of the Pure Food and Meat Inspection act which has tremendous impact to this day


In i Oil i Upton Sinclair fashioned a novel out of the oil scandals of the Harding administration providing in the process a detailed picture of the development of the oil industry in Southern California Bribery of public officials class warfare and international rivalry over oil production are the context for Sinclair s story of a genial independent oil developer and his son whose sympathy with the oilfield workers and socialist organizers fuels a running debate with his father Senators small investors oil magnates a Hollywood film star and a crusading evangelist people the pages of this lively novel

Dragon's Teeth I

This novel embraces the period from the Wall Street Crash of to the Nazi Blood Purge of Wm Schuman Professor of Political Science at Williams College said There is nothing I have read in prose or verse fiction of fact which has impressed me so vividly with the realities of National Socialism Sinclair s pictures of the Nazi leaders are superb and he has almost achieved the impossible in catching the spirit and atmosphere of the movement As the noose of history pulls tighter the men and women of Sinclair s imagining grow in maturity and power and the readers of his story wherever they may choose to pick up the thread gain a new perspective on the world through which they lived and are living A PULITZER PRIZE NOVEL A Collector s Edition

King Coal

A fellow determined to find the truth for himself about conditions in the mines runs away from home and adopts the alias Joe Smith After being turned away by one coal mine for fear of Hal being a union organizer he gets a job in another coal mine operated by the General Fuel Company or GFC In the mines he befriends many of the workers and realizes their misery and exploitation at the hands of the bosses What he found there was abhorrent thus begins the tale of unionization and the advocacy workers rights Unionization however is easier spoken of than it is accomplished It was a dangerous task for the leaders of the coal mines were hardened men men who would not stop at petty threats and minor violence

World's End

World s End is the first novel in Upton Sinclair s Lanny Budd series First published in the story covers the period from to This is the beginning of a monumental page novel the story of Lanny Budd a young American beginning in Europe in It is also an intimate record of a great world which fell victim to its own civilization A new world was about to be born

The Flivver King: A Story of Ford-America

The Flivver King A Story of Ford America is a novel by Upton Sinclair published in that tells the intertwined stories of Henry Ford amp a fictional Ford worker Abner Shutt br On Bagley Street in the city of Detroit Little Abner Shutt begins the story by explaining to his mother that there s a feller down the street says he s goin to make a wagon that ll run without a horse That man of course is Henry Ford The story follows the progress amp growth of Ford Motor Company thru the perspective of a number of generations of a single family br The Flivver King demonstrates the effects of Scientific Management in factories The Ford factory began with very skilled workers Thru a process of breaking the skilled job down into simple steps they were able to hire lower wage less skilled individuals to do the work The Flivver King explains how the Ford Company used scientific management to replace skilled workers while successfully increasing production br The st edition published by the UAW states on the cover that it was printed in an edition of copies for its members The book was meant to provoke amp challenge its readers

Dragon's Teeth

i Dragon s Teeth i is the most celebrated novel of this Upton Sinclair series as it won the Pulitzer Prize for the Novel in br br This book covers with a special emphasis on the Nazi takeover of Germany in the s It is the third of Upton Sinclair s World s End series of eleven novels about Lanny Budd a socialist art expert and red son of an American arms manufacturer

The Moneychangers

No description available

The Millennium: A Comedy of the Year 2000

In Upton Sinclair looked forward years and imagined the year when capitalism would find its zenith with the construction of The Pleasure Palace a glittering half mile high structure in the middle of Central Park During the grand opening of the towering building a scientific experiment with radiumite explodes killing everybody throughout the world except eleven of the people at the Pleasure Palace They escape the deadly rays by flying high in the sky in a revolutionary mph airplane called The Monarch of the Air The fortunate eleven survivors struggle to rebuild their lives by creating a capitalistic society After that fails along with several other inept efforts they create a successful utopian society on the lush grounds of a grand country estate in the Pocantico Hills above the Hudson River Sinclair s life long vision The Cooperative Commonwealth reigns happily forever after in this classic of the literature of political imagination

Between Two Worlds

Sequel to the author s World s end Lanny Budd from the Treaty of Versailles to the Crash depicting politics amp finances of the time

King Coal, Between Two Worlds, Oil!, World's End, The Flivver King: A Story of Ford-America, Dragon's Teeth I, The Millennium: A Comedy of the Year 2000, The Moneychangers, Dragon's Teeth, The Jungle