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Title:The New Journalism
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Tom Wolfe
Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers
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Number of Pages:394
Category:Journalism, Non fiction, Writing, Essays

The New Journalism by Tom Wolfe

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC The New Journalism Tom Wolfe introduces a wide range of journalistic reportage by writers including Truman Capote Terry Southern George Plimpton Norman Mailer and Hunter S Thompson

The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

For a start Kesey s own life with the Merry Pranksters is perhaps the consummate example of a phenomenon that in baffled the national imagination the transformation of the promising middle class youth with all the advantages into what was popularly known as the hippie Ken Kesey was more than promising He was a Golden Boy of the West a scholar actor star athlete amp one of the outstanding novelists of his generation when he burst forth as an experimenter with powerful new hallucinogenic drugs leader of the Merry Pranksters amp finally fugitive from the FBI the California police amp the Mexican Federales br Tom Wolfe a journalist already widely known for his exuberant portraiture of the American Bizarre plunged into the psychedelic world of the Pranksters emerging with The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test a now classic portrait of the coterie which gave the hippie world of the s much of its philosophy amp vocabulary He recounts their romp across America in the st psychedelic bus their alliance with the Hell s Angels their Be elzebubbling takeover of a Unitarian Church convention their conversion of the biggest anti Vietnam rally of all time into a freak out their zany games of hide amp seek from the law in two countries all with a depth of exploration amp a stylistic inventiveness which make The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test one of the most memorable journalistic odysseys of our time

The Bonfire of the Vanities

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The Right Stuff

Tom Wolfe began i The Right Stuff i at a time when it was unfashionable to contemplate American heroism Nixon had left the White House in disgrace the nation was reeling from the catastrophe of Vietnam and in the year the book appeared Americans were being held hostage by Iranian militants Yet it was exactly the anachronistic courage of his subjects that captivated Wolfe In his foreword he notes that as late as almost one in four career Navy pilots died in accidents i The Right Stuff i he explains became a story of why men were willing willing delighted to take on such odds in this an era literary people had long since characterized as the age of the anti hero p Wolfe s roots in New Journalism were intertwined with the nonfiction novel that Truman Capote had pioneered with i In Cold Blood i As Capote did Wolfe tells his story from a limited omniscient perspective dropping into the lives of his characters as each in turn becomes a major player in the space program After an opening chapter on the terror of being a test pilot s wife the story cuts back to the late s when Americans were first attempting to break the sound barrier Test pilots we discover are people who live fast lives with dangerous machines not all of them airborne Chuck Yeager was certainly among the fastest and his determination to push through Mach a feat that some had predicted would cause the destruction of any aircraft makes him the book s guiding spirit p p Yet soon the focus shifts to the seven initial astronauts Wolfe traces Alan Shepard s suborbital flight and Gus Grissom s embarrassing panic on the high seas making the controversial claim that Grissom flooded his Liberty capsule by blowing the escape hatch too soon The author also produces an admiring portrait of John Glenn s apple pie heroism and selfless dedication By the time Wolfe concludes with a return to Yeager and his late career exploits the narrative s epic proportions and literary merits are secure Certainly i The Right Stuff i is the best the funniest and the most vivid book ever written about America s manned space program i Patrick O Kelley i p

I am Charlotte Simmons

Tom Wolfe the master social novelist of our time the spot on chronicler of all things contemporary and cultural presents a sensational new novel about life love and learning or the lack of it amid today s American colleges br br Our story unfolds at fictional Dupont University those Olympian halls of scholarship housing the cream of America s youth the roseate Gothic spires and manicured lawns suffused with tradition Or so it appears to beautiful brilliant Charlotte Simmons a sheltered freshman from North Carolina But Charlotte soon learns to her mounting dismay that for the upper crust coeds of Dupont sex cool and kegs trump academic achievement every time br br As Charlotte encounters the paragons of Dupont s privileged elite her roommate Beverly a Groton educated Brahmin in lusty pursuit of lacrosse players Jojo Johanssen the only white starting player on Dupont s godlike basketball team whose position is threatened by a hotshot black freshman from the projects the Young Turk of Saint Ray fraternity Hoyt Thorpe whose heady sense of entitlement and social domination is clinched by his accidental brawl with a bodyguard for the governor of California and Adam Geller one of the Millennial Mutants who run the university s independent newspaper and who consider themselves the last bastion of intellectual endeavor on the sex crazed jock obsessed campus she is seduced by the heady glamour of acceptance betraying both her values and upbringing before she grasps the power of being different and the exotic allure of her own innocence br br With his trademark satirical wit and famously sharp eye for telling detail Wolfe s I Am Charlotte Simmons draws on extensive observations at campuses across the country to immortalize the early st century college going experience

A Man in Full

The setting is Atlanta Georgia a racially mixed late century boomtown full of fresh wealth and wily politicians The protagonist is Charles Croker once a college football star now a late middle aged Atlanta conglomerate king whose outsize ego has at last hit up against reality Charlie has a acre quail shooting plantation a young and demanding second wife and a half empty office complex with a staggering load of debt br br Meanwhile Conrad Hensley idealistic young father of two is laid off from his job at the Croker Global Foods warehouse near Oakland and finds himself spiraling into the lower depths of the American legal system br br And back in Atlanta when star Georgia Tech running back Fareek the Canon Fanon a homegrown product of the city s slums is accused of date raping the daughter of a pillar of the white establishment upscale black lawyer Roger White II is asked to represent Fanon and help keep the city s delicate racial balance from blowing sky high br br Networks of illegal Asian immigrants crisscrossing the continent daily life behind bars shady real estate syndicates Wolfe shows us contemporary America with all the verve wit and insight that have made him our most admired novelist Charlie Croker s deliverance from his tribulations provides an unforgettable denouement to the most widely awaited hilarious and telling novel America has seen in ages Tom Wolfe s most outstanding achievement to date

Back to Blood

Based on the same sort of detailed on scene high energy reporting that powered Tom Wolfe s previous bestselling novels Back to Blood is another brilliant spot on scrupulous and often hilarious reckoning with our times br br As a police launch speeds across Miami s Biscayne Bay with officer Nestor Camacho on board Tom Wolfe is off and running Into the feverous landscape of the city he introduces the Cuban mayor the black police chief a wanna go muckraking young journalist and his Yale marinated editor an Anglo sex addiction psychiatrist and his Latina nurse by day loin lock by night until lately the love of Nestor s life a refined and oh so light skinned young woman from Haiti and her Creole spouting black gang banger stylin little brother a billionaire porn addict crack dealers in the hoods de skilled conceptual artists at the Miami Art Basel Fair spectators at the annual Biscayne Bay regatta looking only for that night s orgy yenta heavy ex New Yorkers at an Active Adult condo and a nest of shady Russians br br Based on the same sort of detailed on scene high energy reporting that powered Tom Wolfe s previous bestselling novels Back to Blood is another brilliant spot on scrupulous and often hilarious reckoning with our times

The Painted Word

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The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby

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From Bauhaus to Our House

The strange saga of American architecture in the twentieth century makes for both high comedy and intellectual excitement as Wolfe debunks the European gods of modern and postmodern architecture and their American counterparts

Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers

The white liberal establishment encounters the newly emerging art of confrontation in two devastatingly funny essays exploring political stances and social styles in a status minded world

From Bauhaus to Our House, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, I am Charlotte Simmons, Back to Blood, The Bonfire of the Vanities, The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby, The Painted Word, The Right Stuff, Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers, A Man in Full