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Title:Forever Flowing
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Heal Your Heart with Wine and Chocolate: ...and 99 Other Ways Women Can Protect Their Hearts

Heal Your Heart with Wine and Chocolate and Other Ways Women Can Protect Their Hearts

This is a collection of often surprising and totally inspiring easy to do tips that have been medically proven to be good for a woman s heart It attempts to prove that making a lot of little changes can have a big impact in reducing a woman s risk of heart disease And many of these changes are also a lot of fun Why dwell on all the things that are bad for the heart when there are so many things women love to do that are good for the heart

Better Than Chocolate

Better Than Chocolate

em Be careful what you wish for em Food writer Annie Wilkins is on an express elevator to fame and fortune thanks to research scientist husband Tom s remarkable invention fat free carb free calorie free chocolate that tastes em better em than the real thing Once reduced to writing walleye on a stick articles for em Minnesota Menus em now she s living large in showcase houses and hobnobbing with the hoi polloi Annie and America s Sexiest Scientist Tom happily accept their new status as the nation s most happening Fabulous Couple br br But as a high profile spokesperson Annie s got a corporate responsibility to change her hair her style and lose twenty five pounds Her kids are becoming em too em worldly em too em fast and Tom s in demand for a lot more than just his candy If this is the American Dream Annie needs to wake up because all of a sudden her marriage em and em her sanity are in jeopardy and she s about to bottom out on top

Chocolate Unwrapped: The Surprising Health Benefits of America's Favorite Passion

Chocolate Unwrapped The Surprising Health Benefits of America s Favorite Passion

Detailing the positive physical and psychological effects of chocolate this book explores its colorful history botany and chemistry Explaining the science behind chocolate common myths about chocolate that it causes acne allergies migraines and hyperactivity are dispelled and its benefits tannins in chocolate actually help prevent cavities are revealed Providing medical information relating to chocolate s high antioxidant levels and beneficial effects in terms of heart disease cancer aging stroke and Alzheimer s disease the book also includes information regarding chocolate s mental health benefits The included recipes provide a multitude of healthy ways to eat chocolate from flourless chocolate cake to Mexican mole and a comprehensive list of resources shows chocolate lovers where to find the best quality chocolates around the world br

  • The Case of Comrade Tulayev
  • The Queue
  • Soul
  • The Petty Demon
  • Generations of Winter
  • Envy
  • The Letter Killers Club
  • The Life and Extraordinary Adventures of Private Ivan Chonkin
  • The Golovlyov Family
  • Pushkin House
  • Kolyma Tales
  • Faithful Ruslan
  • Summer in Baden-Baden
  • Nervous People and Other Satires
  • Hope Against Hope
  • The Zone: A Prison Camp Guard's Story

Life and Fate

Life and Fate

i Life and Fate i is an epic tale of a country told through the fate of a single family the Shaposhnikovs As the battle of Stalingrad looms Grossman s characters must work out their destinies in a world torn apart by ideological tyranny and war br br Completed in and then confiscated by the KGB this sweeping panorama of Soviet society remained unpublished until it was smuggled into the West in where it was hailed as a masterpiece br br i Librarian s Note This is an alternative cover edition of ISBN i

A Writer at War: Vasily Grossman with the Red Army

A Writer at War Vasily Grossman with the Red Army

Edited and translated from the Russian by Antony Beevor and Luba Vinogradova Knopf Canada is proud to present a masterpiece of the Second World War never before published in English from one of the great Russian writers of the th century a vivid eyewitness account of the Eastern Front and the ruthless truth of war br br When the Germans invaded Russia in Vasily Grossman became a special correspondent for the Red Star the Red Army s newspaper b A Writer at War b based on the notebooks in which Grossman gathered raw material for his articles depicts the crushing conditions on the Eastern Front and the lives and deaths of soldiers and civilians alike It also includes some of the earliest reportage on the Holocaust In the three years he spent on assignment Grossman witnessed some of the most savage fighting of the war the appalling defeats of the Red Army the brutal street fighting in Stalingrad the Battle of Kursk the largest tank engagement in history the defense of Moscow the battles in Ukraine and much more br br Historian Antony Beevor has taken Grossman s raw notebooks and fashioned them into a narrative providing one of the most even handed descriptions at once unflinching and sensitive we have ever had of what he called the ruthless truth of war br br br i From the Hardcover edition i

An Armenian Sketchbook

An Armenian Sketchbook

An NYRB Classics Original br br Few writers had to confront as many of the last century s mass tragedies as Vasily Grossman who wrote with terrifying clarity about the Shoah the Battle of Stalingrad and the Terror Famine in the Ukraine i An Armenian Sketchbook i however shows us a very different Grossman notable for his tenderness warmth and sense of fun br br After the Soviet government confiscated or as Grossman always put it arrested i Life and Fate i he took on the task of revising a literal Russian translation of a long Armenian novel The novel was of little interest to him but he needed money and was evidently glad of an excuse to travel to Armenia i An Armenian Sketchbook i is his account of the two months he spent there br br This is by far the most personal and intimate of Grossman s works endowed with an air of absolute spontaneity as though he is simply chatting to the reader about his impressions of Armenia its mountains its ancient churches its people while also examining his own thoughts and moods A wonderfully human account of travel to a faraway place i An Armenian Sketchbook i also has the vivid appeal of a self portrait

The Road: Stories, Journalism, and Essays

The Road Stories Journalism and Essays

i The Road i brings together short stories journalism essays and letters by Vasily Grossman the author of i Life and Fate i providing new insight into the life and work of this extraordinary writer The stories range from Grossman s first success In the Town of Berdichev a piercing reckoning with the cost of war to such haunting later works as Mama based on the life of a girl who was adopted at the height of the Great Terror by the head of the NKVD and packed off to an orphanage after her father s downfall The girl grows up struggling with the discovery that the parents she cherishes in memory are part of a collective nightmare that everyone else wishes to forget i The Road i also includes the complete text of Grossman s harrowing report from Treblinka one of the first anatomies of the workings of a death camp The Sistine Madonna a reflection on art and atrocity as well as two heartbreaking letters that Grossman wrote to his mother after her death at the hands of the Nazis and carried with him for the rest of his life br br br Meticulously edited and presented by Robert Chandler i The Road i allows us to see one of the great figures of twentieth century literature discovering his calling both as a writer and as a man

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i Everything Flows i is Vasily Grossman s final testament written after the Soviet authorities suppressed his masterpiece i Life and Fate i The main story is simple released after thirty years in the Soviet camps Ivan Grigoryevich must struggle to find a place for himself in an unfamiliar world But in a novel that seeks to take in the whole tragedy of Soviet history Ivan s story is only one among many Thus we also hear about Ivan s cousin Nikolay a scientist who never let his conscience interfere with his career and Pinegin the informer who got Ivan sent to the camps br br Then a brilliant short play interrupts the narrative a series of informers steps forward each making excuses for the inexcusable things that he did inexcusable and yet the informers plead in Stalinist Russia understandable almost unavoidable br br And at the core of the book we find the story of Anna Sergeyevna Ivan s lover who tells about her eager involvement as an activist in the Terror famine of which led to the deaths of three to five million Ukrainian peasants Here i Everything Flows i attains an unbearable lucidity comparable to the last cantos of Dante s i Inferno i Forever Flowing books by Vasily Grossman, Thomas P. Whitney

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