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Title:Interior Design: Stories
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Author:Philip Graham
Publisher:Scribner Book Company
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Interior Design: Stories by Philip Graham

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Interior Design: Stories Mysterious and frightening yet tender these eight stories reveal the power and danger of the human imagination All are fueled by a conviction that what moves people most are the secret and personal worlds the interior designs we all carry within and that our most intense adventures are the ones we invent for ourselves

The Moon, Come to Earth: Dispatches from Lisbon

div p A dispatch from a foreign land when crafted by an attentive and skilled writer can be magical transmitting pleasure drama and seductive strangeness p p p p In i The Moon Come to Earth i Philip Graham offers an expanded edition of a popular series of dispatches originally published on i McSweeney s i an exuberant yet introspective account of a year s sojourn in Lisbon with his wife and daughter Casting his attentive gaze on scenes as broad as a citywide arts festival and as small as a single paving stone in a cobbled walk Graham renders Lisbon from a perspective that varies between wide eyed and knowing though he s unquestionably not a tourist at the same time he knows he will never be a local So his lyrical accounts reveal his struggles with and love of the Portuguese language an awkward meeting with Nobel laureate Jos Saramago being trapped in a budding soccer riot and his daughter s challenging transition to adolescence while attending a Portuguese school but he also waxes loving about Portugal s i saudade i drenched music its inventive cuisine and its vibrant literary culture And through his humorous self deprecating and wistful explorations we come to know Graham himself and his wife and daughter so that when an unexpected crisis hits his family we can t help but ache alongside them p p p p A thoughtful finely wrought celebration of the moment to moment excitement of diving deep into another culture and confronting one s secret selves i The Moon Come to Earth i is literary travel writing of a rare intimacy and immediacy p div

How to Read an Unwritten Language

As a child Michael Kirby inherited an exquisite yet painful gift from his mother the ability to see the extraordinary hidden beneath the banality of daily life After his mother s tragic death Michael will attempt to understand the deepest mystery of all the hidden language of the heart as he embarks on an unforgettable redemptive journey to heal those he loves and perhaps himself

Interior Design: Stories

Mysterious and frightening yet tender these eight stories reveal the power and danger of the human imagination All are fueled by a conviction that what moves people most are the secret and personal worlds the interior designs we all carry within and that our most intense adventures are the ones we invent for ourselves

The Art of the Knock: Stories

No description available

The End of Adolescence

On television in the newspapers even in textbooks of psychiatry the teen years are portrayed as bad news Adolescents are seen as moody rebellious promiscuous immature aggressive and lazy Their behavior is seen as getting worse as we move into the twenty first century br br In fact the majority of young people have none of these objectionable characteristics Adolescents have always been stigmatised as they are today and it is widely thought that it is natural for the teens to be a difficult phase of life But it is the adult world that has created the world of adolescence and the adult world that is finding it difficult to live with what it has manufactured br br This book puts foward an entirely new way of looking at adolescence Written by a leading child psychiatrist it starts by describing the myths that pervade the popular view of adolescence After a brief description of the history of adolescence it goes on to examine the way the teens actually function in families giving particular attention to approaches that result in positive outcomes Discussing moodiness conflict sexual behavior drugs and alcohol and eating patterns it adopts the same questioning but positive approach br br The book then looks at how the sense of frustration and failure many teenagers experience at school and in their neighborhoods might be overcome by giving them a level of responsibility that matches their competence This book will be of great value to parents of teenagers and those whose children are just about to become teenagers as well as teachers psychologists and anyone whose work brings them in touch with young people

So Young, So Sad, So Listen

Has your daughter lost her sparkle Has everyday life become a trial for your son As a teacher do you think that difficult aggressive year old boy has other problems and wonder why that year old girl is so withdrawn The problem could be childhood depression a common but often treatable condition Illustrated by cartoons this book is intended to help parents and teachers of depressed children and teenagers Young people themselves will also find it useful As should school nurses social workers health visitors family doctors and anyone who works with children This second edition contains a foreword by multi award winning author Philip Pullman The aim is to help those involved to recognise the signs of depression in children and to understand the possible causes The authors provide practical advice and information about the support and help you can give Above all they show that we em can em help and that given the chance that spark may well return

Do lado de cá do mar

No description available

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy For Children And Families

Cognitive behaviour therapy is a relatively new treatment approach which has been demonstrated to be the most effective form of treatment for many childhood disorders This volume uniquely provides a comprehensive account of cognitive behavioural approaches to psychological problems in children adolescents and their families The text is structured developmentally passing from preschool through to adolescence Each author focuses on a specific disorder and provides a rationale for treatment before proceeding to describe assessment and therapy illustrated by detailed case examples The context of multimodal therapy is also highlighted along with visions for the scope of future research Written by an international team of experts this very practical handbook provides a valuable resource which will be welcomed by a wide range of individuals concerned with the mental health of the young

Parallel Worlds: An Anthropologist and a Writer Encounter Africa

In the early s anthropologist Gottlieb and her husband fiction writer Graham traveled to the Ivory Coast to live with the Beng a previously unstudied people whose world is encompassed by remote villages From their distinct perspectives the authors present a compelling window into the seductive and frightening world of the Beng and the parallel invisible world of spirits that surrounds and guides them

The Vanishings

THE VANISHINGS is a collection of nineteen prose pieces alternately satiric and tender From the haunting opening Greeting to the title piece a meditation on love and loss with a parallel commentary in pictures and on to the apocalyptic farce of Mr Evolution in which the hero takes his audience on the long journey from microbes to humanity and beyond we encounter a writer with a unique imagination and a craftsman s love of his tools words

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